My Staff Turkey

My Technics

Congresses, symposiums, summit, incentive, concerts, audio and video systems by providing all you need for your event and similar events with the support of specialized technical team; with you to meet your every need with the technological revolution in visual feast latest technology in materials Plateau.

My Extra

Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum in hotel meets the needs extra staff to work periodically in each department

My Ajans

Fair opening, the periodic domestic and foreign models will work in organizations such as product presentation, Plus A and B Plus provides the model needs.

My Concierge

Organization is needed in the restaurant, it enables reservation of the night club, and transfers.

My Staff

With an experienced team congresses, symposiums, summit, incentive, concerts, events, provides staff support required in your periodic fairs and other events.




    It offers services to companies with different options to facilitate the organization of personnel transport vehicle.


    It provides clothing worn by employees in organizations. In accordance with various models provide the service you request.
  •  EAT


    Breakfast of staff working in the organization, provides countless options for lunch and dinner.
  • LCV


    Wedding, party, or various organizations are needed before the LCV (Please quote data) it makes the reporting organization and you.


  • Visitur
  • Ülker Sport
  • Turplus
  • Trick
  • Tıbbi Genetik
  • Pera Event
  • MCT
  • KMTD
  • KBB
  • İnterium
  • ICC
  • DPID
  • Blue Chip
  • All Arts Istanbul
  • ATY Events
  • Figür
  • BM
  • Turplus
  • Organizer
  • Pietra
  • By Golden Tur
  • Viking Turizm
  • Active Academy
  • MCT
  • Organizer
  • Organizer
  • Organizer
  • MAestro DMC
  • Aston Martin Istanbul
  • Opteamist
  • Setur
  • interium-2015
  • Genx - 2015
  • Lift - 2015
  • Pera - 2015

My Staff Human Resources is a company which was established in 2001 by the founders who had worked for the industry's leading companies; and the company has been providing temporary staff support in all areas where human resources are used; such as National and International Congresses and Concerts,Festivals, Symposiums, Activities, etc. "Our company" provides temporary and full-time staff support throughout Turkey through the main office located in Istanbul; the branches located in Ankara, Antalya.

Izmir and the mobile offices located in Adana, Bursa Erzurum, Eskisehir. Gaziantep. Kayseri, Samsun,Trabzon any TRNC.

My Staff provides services with 58 full-time employee, the supervisor team - that consisted of 85 people, and more than 10.000 registered staff. My Staff Human Resources is the official solution partner of the complexes such as Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC), Istanbul Congress Center (ICC), UNIQ Istanbul and Turkey's leading organization companies. My Staff Human Resources provides extra staff support for every department of many hotels located in Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum. Such as; Bodrum Hilton, Bodrum Rixos Premium, Antalya Rixos Hotels, WOW Hotels, IC Green-Palace, Kilikya Palace. Antalya Ramada Plaza Hotel are among the hotels that we serve as their solution partner.

As the sectors leading company in the country, My Staff Human Resources aims same quality of international level. The company aims to become the one and only brand that mind in terms of temporary staff procurement both in national and international arena. My Staff Human Resources always gives priority to legal and moral values while rapidly

advances towards this goal.


Tel: 0 212 219 63 73
Fax: 0 212 219 63 77
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