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My team integrates the efficiency strategies designed by the brands in line with their needs and wishes into long-term projects. It provides 360 degree service with detailed planning, appropriate personnel selection, management process and measurable and understandable reporting and measurement systems.

Sales Support and Merchandising Activities:

The long-lasting activities performed to ensure the permanence of the products and increase the loyalty regardless of the reputation or reliability of the product. The objective is to increase the sales and such activities include selection of the necessary personnel, determining the sales points and making visits according to a plan and eventually reporting.

Tasting Activities: The activities to attract the attention of consumers who are stranger to your brand as well as increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of the loyal customers of your brand.

Organization and Display Activities: The activities to prepare the most remarkable exhibition of the product that is intended to for sales, which cover the process from the ordering to distribution.

Project Design and Development: It is the entire project-production-installation process, from the design of the exhibition and/or the sales area according to the features of the product to the activities that supports the exhibition or sale.

Reporting and Analysis: Accurate and timely reporting is crucial to see how all these efforts add value. Accurate reporting and analysis should be accessible at any time, with an easy and understandable content. We provide services with an infrastructure that can be accessed instantly, daily, weekly and monthly in all the works managed by us. In addition, we aim to shed a light on the future with our analysis along with concrete data and we try to add more added value to you.

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